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The Magnum

Manufactured by Mondial Rides of the Netherlands, the Magnum is a one of a kind spectacular thrill ride with a replacement cost of over $1.6 Million at today's prices. The Magnum requires four semi trailers for transport and requires a crane for assembly. When fully assembled, the Magnum weighs in at over 200,000 pounds, 120,000 pounds which is actually handled during set up and tear-downs. Currently, Wood Entertainment owns one of two Magnums that exist in the western hemisphere (USA, Mexico, and Canada), and one of only 33 in the entire world. Complete with over 11,500 light bulbs, riders are securely strapped into one of the 20- two passenger, free spinning, and free flipping vehicles. As the massive turn table slowly begins to spin, the five arms begin to rotate, sending each vehicle in a continuous combined spinning and flipping action.
The Magnum
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